Europe’s first electric fire truck ready for rapid response.

Rosenbauer, Linz AG and Kreisel Electric (the battery specialist behind the electrified Hummer launched with the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger last year) have revealed the first fully-equipped electric fire truck in Europe. Based on a Mercedes Sprinter, the electric drive tactical vehicle will join the fleet of a fire brigade stationed in the Austrian city

The shooter at the headquarters of the online video giant, who was also a creator on the platform, was apparently upset by the new rules.

Here’s YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki talking about controversial monetization changes on the platform. Let’s be clear: The shooter who terrorized the San Bruno, Calif., headquarters of YouTube yesterday, identified as Nasim Najafi Aghdam, was clearly disturbed and her twisted reasons for her acts deserve no consideration. After injuring several employees at the online video giant,

Christian Transfers – The Mercedes-Benz Electric Truck

The Mercedes-Benz Electric Truck illustrates the fascinating possibilities of connectivity, electric drive systems, future display and control technologies, telematics, and a largely self-sufficient power supply. The Mercedes-Benz Electric Truck defines the latest developments in all-electric vehicles in the heavy short-radius distribution sector. Performance of a diesel engine The Mercedes-Benz Electric Truck holds its own against


A HURRICANE FLATTENS FACEBOOK Two weeks ago, Facebook learned that The New York Times, Guardian, and Observer were working on blockbuster stories based on interviews with a man named Christopher Wylie. The core of the tale was familiar but the details were new, and now the scandal was attached to a charismatic face with a