Electric vans from Mercedes-Benz Vans: Also reliable in the cold, ice and snow: the electric Vito on endurance trials at the Polar Circle

  • Main emphasis of the winter trials: charging and driving characteristics, range and anti-cold protection
  • Checks on handling, efficiency, ergonomics and comfort in extreme conditions
  • Focus on the quality and safety of the driver’s workplace: dependable heating at sub-zero temperatures
  • fast windscreen heating for a clear view, safe handling on ice and snow
  • eVito orderable since November 2017 with deliveries commencing in the second half of 2018
  • Electrification of all commercial van model series is planned
  • Arjeplog, Sweden. Endurance test successful: customers can also rely on the new eVito in adverse weather conditions. This is the conclusion reached by the development team from Mercedes-Benz Vans who subjected the fully-electric van to extensive winter trials in northern Sweden. The new eVito was thoroughly tested for several weeks in the Scandinavian winter, in temperatures down to minus 30 degrees Celsius. The focus of the trials in Arjeplog near the Polar Circle was on cold-starting as well as charging and driving characteristics at sub-zero temperatures.

    The eVito, the second all-electric production model from Mercedes-Benz Vans after the Vito E-Cell of 2010, has been orderable since November 2017 with deliveries commencing in the second half of 2018. At the test site in Arjeplog with its driving dynamics stretches, turning loop and forest stretch, the vehicles were required to absolve low-temperature tests and demonstrate their handling, efficiency, ergonomics and comfort under extreme conditions. During test drives on frozen lakelands and on the test site, charging and driving in cold conditions as well as anti-cold protection of the drive components, software and their interfaces (e.g. brakes, ESP) were intensively tested using special metrology equipment.
    Mercedes Vito electric in Sweden february 2018

    How a battery-electric vehicle responds to different climatic conditions is essential to practicable fleet management. Thus, in addition to cold-starting and defrosting characteristics, the focus was also on battery range. The mid-size van has all the prerequisites for e.g. inner-city delivery, trade and passenger transport operations. With the installed battery capacity of 41.4 kWh, the range of the new eVito will be around 150 km. Even in unfavourable circumstances, customers have a range of 100 km available. See full story here