Lyft says it passed 1 billion in revenue last year and is growing faster than Uber

Apple is buying Texture the digital magazine distributor

A message from Apple to big publishers: We like you. Apple is getting into the magazine business — not by buying magazines, but by buying a digital magazine distributor. Apple has purchased Texture, a subscription service that lets users consume all or part of more than 200 magazines. The service works on both Apple and

Mercedes-Benz Vans: milestone in key technology: Mercedes-Benz Dusseldorf plant to become competence centre for Sprinter with electric drive

Stuttgart/Düsseldorf – The Mercedes-Benz plant in Düsseldorf is making intensive preparations for the market launch of the next-generation of the Sprinter. The company management and the works council have now agreed that the electric-drive Sprinter will also roll off the production line in Düsseldorf, the lead Sprinter plant worldwide. This forward-looking decision will boost the

UK roads set to become HumanDrive project test track.

A project funded by the UK government and industry partners is aiming to develop a self-driving vehicle that’s capable of motoring along just like a proficient human driver. Hailed as the “most ambitious connected and autonomous vehicle project in the UK,” the HumanDrive vehicle will eventually embark on a journey of more than 200 miles