The Tesla Semi electric truck exceeds the hype.

When fully laden and travelling at 65 mph, the Tesla Semi can cover an astonishing 500 miles on a single charge.
The much-awaited reveal of the Tesla Semi electric truck took place in Hawthorne, California, in typical Elon Musk style. Speculation prior to the presentation was substantially exceeded with its claimed range well beyond the 300 miles (500 km) expected and acceleration figures that place the unladen tractor unit in sports car territory.

See full story hereAfter the two Tesla 18-wheel Semis swung into position, Elon Musk stepped out of the high-roof model to begin his presentation. The first statistic presented was the Semi’s acceleration to 60 mph (97km/h) from standstill which, he said it does in 5.0 seconds when empty. That is sports car territory. Perhaps even more impressive was the claim of reaching 60 mph fully laden to the maximum permissible total of 80,000 lb (36,288 kg) in 20 seconds. Also remarkable is the claim that the Semi can maintain 65 mph (105 km/h) fully laden up a 5 percent grade.