Shuttle Timetables

Shuttle Timetables list

In this page we are presenting the shuttle bus schedule with hours, dates and stations addresses. For shuttle buses the hours and dates are fixed and cannot be changed. You can order private transfers for tailor transfers from your desire addreess (door to door) and to your desire hour. Please find below all information you need.

Bus programme departures from HUNGARY

HUNGARY - ROMANIA = Budapest - Szeged - Arad - Timisoara and return

HUNGARY - ROMANIA = Budapest - Oradea - Cluj - Turda - Aiud and return

Bus programme departures from ROMANIA

ROMANIA - HUNGARY = Timisoara - Arad - Szeged - Budapest and return

ROMANIA - HUNGARY = Aiud - Turda - Oradea - Cluj - Budapest and return

ROMANIA - SERBIA = Timisoara - Belgrade and return

Otopeni Henri Coanda Airport (Bucharest Airport) - Constanta and return

Bus programme departures from SERBIA

SERBIA - ROMANIA = Belgrade - Timisoara and return