Experience Space, Tour and Terrace: 120,000 Excited Guests Flock to the Visitors World at Vienna Airport in 2017 (+12.5%)

A popular look behind the scenes was enjoyed by 120,000 guests, who took advantage of the Visitors World offering at Vienna Airport in 2017. Thanks to the 12.5% increase, the airport attracted more visitors than ever before. In addition to bus tours across the airport apron and a large Visitors Terrace, the Visitors World has also offered a multimedia experience space since last year which was designed by children’s book author and TV star Thomas Brezina. Further innovations are already planned for 2018. Within the context of a VIP tour, visitors will experience the exclusive take-off area of stars, guests of state and guests of honour as well as the General Aviation Hangar where private and business jets are parked.

Record number of guests in the Visitors World: people excited by diverse offering
Never before did the Visitors World at Vienna Airport attract so many people as in 2017. The attraction lured more than 120,000 guests, comprising a rise of 12.5% from the previous year. The opening of the new experience space in October 2017 significantly contributed to this record. On an area covering more than 600 m², visitors can learn interesting facts about the world of aviation via multimedia video installations in four stations. The experience space was designed and conceived by the successful and well-known children’s book author and TV star Thomas Brezina. The new experience space complements the colourful framework programme offered in the Visitors World. It not only offers tours of the airport apron enabling people to experience and explore exciting starts and landings as well as aircraft handling from close proximity while sitting in a modern double decker bus, but also a Visitors Terrace. Encompassing an area of 1,800 m², the Visitors Terrace is open all year long and offers a fascinating 180-degree view of the bustling activity taking place at the airport. As usual, opening hours in the summer season are extended from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. from May 1 – September 30, 2018. See full story here