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Taxi and ride sharing apps in Southampton 2021

In case you’re visiting Southampton anytime soon or if you simply live in Southampton and you want to find a reliable taxi app, then check out our top taxi and ride sharing apps in Southampton that you should consider installing on your mobile phone.

Taxi and ride sharing apps in Southampton 2021

With taxi and ride sharing apps becoming more and more popular for our daily social commuting, you will be glad to know that there are pretty good apps to consider in Southampton UK for 2021.

1: Radio Taxis Southampton

When you are looking for the best taxi apps in Southampton, it is impossible not to consider the Radio Taxis Southampton App. After all, this company is the largest taxi company in Southampton with more than 400 drivers. Besides, you can use the Radio Taxis Southampton App at any time of the day or the night.

One of the reasons why so many people like the Radio Taxis Southampton App is because it allows you to make all the choices. You can choose the vehicle and even how you pay. You can simply use cash, account, or a card. It is totally up to you.

In case you usually take taxis regularly, then you may be interested in knowing that this company, in particular, has a loyalty program where you can get 1p for every £1 you spend. You can then use this and exchange it for a free ride.

2: Cab My Ride App

The Cab My Ride App is also a popular rideshare app when you are looking for the taxi apps in Southampton.

One of the things that we like about the Cab My Ride App is the fact that you can actually see the Driver Profile in the app itself. Then, to ensure that clients always get the best services, you can easily rate your experience in the app as well.

With the Cab My Ride App, you can easily schedule your rides and even choose the ride that you want from 4 to 6 seaters. All drivers are licenced and local and you can easily pay for your ride by adding your card to the app.

3. West Quay Cars App

With the West Quay Cars App, you can book or pre-book a taxi up to 3 months in advance. While most people use a taxi on a daily basis or occasionally, in case you need to go to Southampton on a specific day for a specific event, then the West Quay Cars App is definitely a good option.

With this app, you can choose the vehicle, the pick-up place, and you can even choose a destination for a quote before you ride. When it is time to pay, you can simply use the secure card payment in the App or card or cash in the cab.

This app is available in App Store, Google Play, and for Windows Phones.

taxi and ride sharing apps
Taxi and ride sharing apps

4: Uber

There’s no question that Uber continues to be one of the most popular taxi apps in Southampton. Besides, you already know what to expect from a company that has drivers spread throughout the entire world.

With the Uber app installed, you just need to choose your destination and the nearest driver will pick you up.

5: Christian Transfers

If you need to prebook a long trip, for example to Gatwick Airport or Heathrow Airport you can try with confidence Christian Transfers. You’ll be able to book and pay online for the car at your choice with a fixed and transparent price. There are no surprise like in ride sharing cases like a surge pricing exactly when you need the most.

Are any one from Ola, Bolt or Viavan available in Southampton?

At the time we made this article Ola, Bolt or Viavan taxi mobile apps was not available in Southampton, Uk.

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