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Guide to the Top Taxi Apps in Brussels

As an international hub and headquarters of the EU, getting around Brussels can seem daunting as a visitor. Luckily Brussels taxi apps, rideshare and e-hailing are making booking quick and hassle-free. This guide outlines the major apps optimized for travel in the Belgian capital.

Which Brussels Taxi App Is Best?

With many options, the right taxi app depends on your needs:

– Uber offers widespread availability with low rates, especially for short trips
– Bolt functions similar to Uber but has fewer drivers during peaks
– FREE NOW easily books official licensed Brussels taxis
– Heetch connects you to screened local owner-drivers for a personalized ride

Guide to the Top Taxi and Rideshare Apps for Brussels

For most visitors, Uber covers the majority of transportation needs in Brussels with convenience and affordability. But FREE NOW, Bolt, and Heetch provide alternative booking models worth considering.

Uber in Brussels

Available worldwide, Uber operates throughout Brussels providing an affordable way to book rides via their app. Uber offers various service tiers in Brussels from budget UberX cars seating 4 to luxury Uber Black vehicles.

Within the app, you can view ETAs, driver details, real-time mapping, estimated fares, and cashless payment options. While controversial upon launching, Uber now operates legally in Brussels and is widely used, especially among young locals and tourists.

Some more details about Uber app

See live map of available cars nearby and wait times for UberX, XL, Black before booking
Fare estimates and total provided based on entered destination
Driver details like photo, name, and rating shown after requesting ride
Track your driver’s approach in real-time on a live map
No cash needed – Uber auto-charges your stored payment method
Ability to schedule rides up to 30 days in advance

Bolt in Brussels

Offering services similar to Uber, Bolt is another option for booking private rides in Brussels through an easy-to-use app interface. Bolt may have a smaller driver network but provides comparable functionality like driver ratings, estimated fares, route overview, and in-app payments.

Reviews indicate Bolt pricing can be slightly cheaper than UberX for airport transfers or short rides within Brussels’ city limits. However, car supply is lower versus Uber during peak demand times.

Some more details about Bolt app

Driver profiles include photo, name and rating for choice before booking
Can book a standard Bolt or large Bolt XL vehicle
See cost estimate for ride before confirming based on route
Track your driver’s progress toward your pickup point
In-app payment required – no cash accepted
Schedule rides ahead of time during off-peak hours

If you need the Brussels Airport website, here is the link.

FREE NOW, Brussels taxi apps

Formerly called mytaxi, FREE NOW seamlessly connects users to licensed Brussels taxi drivers affiliated with the app and brand. You can digitally hail a participating cab, see the fare and route overview, pay in-app, and rate drivers afterwards.

FREE NOW partners with major Brussels taxi fleets and cooperatives to offer access to thousands of regular metered taxis across Brussels. While Uber focuses on private rideshares, FREE NOW sticks with professional cabs.

Some more details about FREE NOW app

See live locations of nearby licensed taxi drivers on a map
Fare estimate and driver/car details provided once dispatched
Follow along with assigned taxi’s ETA as they head your way
Cash or credit/debit accepted for payment
Ability to book taxi days or weeks in advance if needed

Heetch, Brussels taxi apps

Heetch provides an intermediate option between rideshares like Uber and traditional taxis. The app connects you to vetted local drivers who undergo background checks before approval. Private drivers transport passengers in their own vehicles.

While not a taxi service, Heetch emphasized affordability, especially for airport rides, late night trips, and rides in the suburbs versus downtown. Payments are cashless within the app and you can rate drivers afterwards.

Few more details about Heetch app

Driver profiles include photo, name, car info and ratings for selection
Get fare estimate before booking based on demand
Track driver’s approach and contact them via in-app messaging
Cashless payment required – no physical money accepted
Ability to schedule rides up to 15 days in advance

Additional options

Taxis Bleus – Longstanding Brussels taxi fleet operating their own booking app, by phone, or street hail. Over 700 vehicles available.
Taxis Verts – Green-colored taxis that can be booked online, by mobile app, or phone. English support available.
Collecto – 24/7 taxi booking app and dispatch service affiliated with biggest taxi companies in Brussels.

Tips for Riding Taxis in Brussels

– Have your destination address/establishment name ready to provide drivers
– For airport rides, pre-book in advance when possible to secure a car
– Know the metro closes at midnight – taxis are essential for late night trips
– Enable in-app payments ahead of time to skip cash/card hassles
– Consider installing multiple apps to compare pricing and availability

With its convoluted street layouts and limited metro, taxis or rideshares are useful for direct travel in Brussels. Use this guide to pick the taxi app that best fits your needs and travel style.

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