Guide to the top taxi apps in Paris

As an incredibly popular tourist destination, getting around Paris can be challenging at times. Luckily, Parisians and visitors alike are turning to taxi apps to book rides quickly and avoid language barriers. This guide covers the top-rated taxi apps used in Paris to help you get around smoothly.

Getting around by taxi is one of the most convenient and time-efficient ways to experience Paris like a local. Avoid language issues or struggles hailing cabs by booking rides through the top taxi apps used in Paris like G7, Taxi Bleu, Uber, Bolt, Kapten, Snapcar, and FreeNow. Have your destinations ready to go and you’ll be navigating Paris in comfort.

Which Paris Taxi App is Best?

With plenty of options, deciding which taxi app to use in Paris partly depends on your priorities and needs:

– Licensed taxi fleets like G7 and Taxi Bleu provide professional metered fares and luxury vehicle options.
– Uber offers recognizable branding and convenience but has faced controversy in France.
– Bolt and Kapten function similarly to Uber but with lower prices at times.
– SnapCar connects you to local owner-drivers for a more personalized experience.

Guide to the Top Taxi Apps in Paris

Visitors staying within central Paris can easily get by booking metered taxis through apps like G7 and Taxi Bleu or rideshares like Uber and Bolt when metered taxis are scarce. For airport transfers or traveling with lots of luggage, scheduled taxi bookings make sense. Ultimately the best taxi app comes down to your travel style and priorities.

G7 in Paris

One of the most established and popular licensed taxi fleets in Paris is G7. Their app allows you to digitally book one of their 10,000 taxis operating in the Paris region. You can choose between several vehicle types from standard 4-seat taxis to larger vans capable of handling luggage for airport transfers.

Helpful app features include estimated pricing, real-time car tracking, and the ability to save favorite addresses. G7 taxis can be booked immediately or scheduled in advance. Drivers accept cash but the app also allows in-app payment and tipping.

G7 taxis can be booked in the app or reserved up to 24 hours in advance. Upon booking, you’ll see vehicle and driver details like license plate, car model, and driver name when available. If you enable geo-location, the app pinpoints your exact pickup spot without needing to type an address.

You’re able to track your assigned taxi’s approach in real-time on a map. Fares are calculated by the meter but the app provides estimates ahead of time. For payment, you can pre-load credit or pay by card upon arrival – no cash needed. Recent reviews praise the app’s ease of use and the professionalism of G7 drivers.

Taxi Bleu in Paris

Similar to G7, Taxi Bleu is a well-known Parisian taxi company with an easy-to-use booking app. From the app, you can quickly geo-locate available drivers near you, estimate fares using the built-in calculator, and track your assigned car once booked. Vehicles range from standard 4-seat taxis to luxury Mercedes and people carriers seating 6+ passengers.

The Taxi Bleu app enables cashless payment and lets you store preferred routes and addresses. Best of all, they offer fixed-price airport transfer bookings guaranteeing set rates to and from major area airports like Charles de Gaulle, Orly, and Beauvais.

Recent positive reviews mention friendly drivers and efficiency getting taxis rapidly, even during peak hours when other apps struggle. Airport transfer discounts and fixed rates are commonly highlighted. Negative reviews are rare but mention occasional language barriers.

Uber in Paris

Available in dozens of countries, Uber operates in Paris providing an alternative taxi booking option that locals and visitors alike frequently use. The app shows nearby drivers, fare quotes, vehicle details, and ETA. After requesting a ride, you can watch your car approach in real-time.

Uber offers various service classes in Paris from standard UberX rides to luxury Uber Premier vehicles. While drivers don’t accept cash, in-app payment, tipping, and rating are available in the app interface. Keep in mind that Uber has faced controversy and tensions with traditional taxi companies in France.

Within the Uber app, you’ll see available car types with wait time and fare estimates prior to booking. Select your ride then track as it heads your way. Your driver’s name, photo, vehicle make, and license plate are provided. Upon arrival, no cash is needed – just exit and Uber charges your pre-selected payment method.

Users compliment Uber’s convenience and competitive pricing but note it’s now less common versus apps like G7 and Taxi Bleu. Recent reviews mention Uber faces more supply shortages, especially during peak times, but still works reliably for average needs. Uber’s airport flat rates also appeal to many travelers.

Bolt in Paris (Formerly Taxify)

Similar to Uber, Bolt is another popular international rideshare app used for booking private driver services in Paris. It works like other cab apps allowing you to order either a standard Bolt ride or roomier Bolt Van complete with car seats. Bolt emphasizes affordable pricing combined with professional drivers.

The app provides route maps, fare estimates, and driver details. Payment is cashless through the app. Note Bolt has a smaller driver network than Uber but still operates in central Paris. Drivers are vetted and background checked prior to onboarding.

Bolt allows you to book either a standard Bolt ride or larger Bolt Van complete with car seats. You’ll see the vehicle type, driver name, license plate, fare estimate and real-time map tracking. Tap to pay within the app once completed. Reviews praise Bolt’s friendly drivers and lower cost over competitors. Supply can be more limited downtown during peak times. Airport flat rates are slightly under Uber.

Kapten in Paris

Previously called Chauffeur Privé, Kapten is a French-based rideshare app offering private car services throughout Paris. Available vehicles range from standard cars fitting 4 riders to luxury Mercedes, Teslas, and vans fitting up to 8. When booking, you’ll get real-time fare quotes and can track your driver’s arrival.

Kapten emphasizes all drivers undergo background checks and vehicle suitability controls for safety. Within the app, you can rate drivers, manage payment, and store favorite trips. While less known than Uber internationally, Kapten is popular with locals given its French roots.

Within the Kapten app, you’ll see driver profiles with vehicle details, requested pickup spot on a map, and live fare estimates. Travelers compliment Kapten’s professionalism and luxury vehicle options like Mercedes and Teslas. But being newer than Uber and local apps, it has fewer cars available at times, especially outside Paris proper, impacting wait times.

If you need the Charles de Gaulle airport website, here is the link.

SnapCar in Paris

SnapCar brands itself as an alternative to traditional taxi apps, connecting you to vetted local drivers for rides throughout Paris. Through the app you can view profiles of drivers and their vehicles before booking your most suitable match. While not a taxi service, it provides an affordable private car option in central Paris.

The app has handy features like traffic monitoring to optimize timing, fare estimates based on route, and the ability to schedule rides in advance. Drivers can accept cash though in-app payment is also available. If you value a more personal, localized driving service, SnapCar is worth considering.

SnapCar emphasizes its highly-rated local drivers. You can view driver profiles with photos, vehicle specs, and past reviews before booking. Everything from booking to payments and support is handled within the app. Recent feedback indicates SnapCar offers a more personalized, local experience compared to bigger apps. But availability is lower than major companies. in Paris provides an alternative taxi booking app connected to a network of over 12,000 independent drivers in Paris. You can get fare estimates, track your ride’s arrival, and pay within the app. caters more to locals but can still be used by visitors.

However, English functionality is limited so it may be less user-friendly for non-French speakers. Supply can be limited during peak times. But for standard rides when demand isn’t high, offers competitive pricing compared to bigger brands.

Free Now in Paris

Previously called mytaxi, Free Now is a popular taxi app owned by Daimler and BMW. It operates in over 100 European cities including Paris. The app shows nearby taxis and estimated fares, enables in-app payments, and provides driver and vehicle details once booked.

Users can also schedule rides in advance. Free Now has over 9,000 registered taxi drivers in Paris but wait times can still be longer during peak periods versus apps like G7 with larger fleets. Recent reviews indicate Free Now works well for basic airport transfers or rides when you’re not in a hurry.

Tips for Riding Taxis in Paris

– Have your destination address handy to show drivers
– Request larger vehicle types if traveling with lots of luggage
– Know that fares vary by company and car type
– Install apps ahead of time before arriving to Paris
– Enable in-app payments to avoid language confusion and need for cash

Getting around by taxi is one of the most convenient and time-efficient ways to experience Paris like a local. Avoid language issues or struggles hailing cabs by booking rides through the top taxi apps used in Paris like G7, Taxi Bleu, and Uber. Have your destinations ready to go and you’ll be navigating Paris in comfort.

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