Red Light Cameras - Christian Transfers

London Red Light Cameras

Red Light Cameras

- Ambleside Avenue A216 Mitcham Lane
- Davies Street - Grosvenor Street
- Park Hall Road A2199 South Croxted Road
- Valence Avenue - Becontree Avenue
- York Street A41 Gloucester Place
-- Woodwell Street A3036 East Hill
A1 Archway Road - Highgate Avenue
A1 Archway Road B550 Southwood Lane
A1 Aylmer Road - The Bishops Avenue
A1 Goswell Road B502 Lever Street
A1 Great North Way - Holders Hill Road
A1 Great North Way B504 Finchley Lane
A1 Holloway Road A103 Hornsey Road
A1 Holloway Road A503 Parkhurst Road
A1 Holloway Road A503 Tollington Road
A1 Upper Street - Islington Park Street
A10 Bishopsgate A1211 Houndsditch
A10 Great Cambridge Road - Bury Street
A10 Great Cambridge Road - Empire Avenue
A10 Great Cambridge Road - Wilbury Way
A10 Great Cambridge Road A1055 Bullsmoor Lane
A10 Great Cambridge Road B154 Church Street
A10 Rectory Road - Evering Road
A100 Tower Bridge Road A200 Tooley Street
A1010 High Road A109 Lordship Lane
A104 Balls Pond Road A104 Essex Road
A104 Dalston Lane A1207 Graham Road
A105 Green Lanes A406 Bowes Road
A105 Green Lanes B105 Lordship Park
A1055 Watermead Way - Marigold Road
A107 Amhurst Road A107 Dalston Lane
A110 Southbury Road A10 Great Cambridge Road
A112 High Road Leyton A106 Warren Road
A114 Woodgrange Road A118 Romford Road
A118 High Street - Abbey Lane
A118 High Street A115 Carpenter's Road
A12 Colchester Road - Gooshays Drive
A12 Colchester Road - Harold Court Road
A12 Colchester Road - Petersfield Avenue
A12 Colchester Road - Straight Road
A12 Eastern Avenue - Aldborough Road South
A12 Eastern Avenue - Hainault Road
A12 Eastern Avenue - Mawney Road
A12 Eastern Avenue - Pettits Lane
A12 Eastern Avenue A1112 Whalebone Lane
A1200 Canonbury Road A104 Essex Road
A1211 Camomile Street A10 Bishopsgate
A1211 London Wall - Wood Street
A124 Barking Road A112 Greengate Street
A124 Longbridge Road - Upney Lane
A1240 Heathway - Church Elm Lane
A1240 Heathway - Oxlow Lane
A125 Thurloe Gardens -- Victoria Rd
A13 Commercial Road A1205 Burdett Road
A13 East India Dock Road - Chrisp Street
A13 Ripple Road - Renwick Road
A1306 New Road - Upminster Road South
A1306 Ripple Road - Merrielands Crescent
A1400 Southend Road - Clayhall Avenue
A2 Blackheath Hill A2211 Greenwich South Street
A2 New Cross Road St James's
A2 Old Kent Road B214 Humphrey Street
A20 Lewisham Way - Wickham Road
A20 Lewisham Way A203 Amersham Road
A20 Lewisham Way B218 Malpas Road
A20 Sidcup Road A208 Court Road
A20 Sidcup Road B263 Green Lane
A200 Jamaica Road A2207 Abbey Street
A201 Farringdon Street A4208 Stonecutter Street
A201 New Bridge Street A3211 Queen Victoria Street
A202 Bessborough Gardens A3212 Millbank
A202 Camberwell Church Street A215 Camberwell Road
A2032 Chipstead Valley Road A23 Brighton Road
A204 Effra Road -- Brixton Water Lane
A205 Atkins Road B221 Kings Avenue
A205 Brownhill Road - Torridon Road
A205 Christchurch Road A23 Streatham Hill
A205 Thurlow Park - Rosendale Road
A205 Thurlow Park Road A2199 Croxted Road
A205 Upper Richmond Road A306 Roehampton Lane
A205 Westhorne Avenue - Alnwick Road
A205 Westhorne Avenue - Alwold Crescent
A205 Westhorne Avenue - Knockholt Road
A205 Westhorne Avenue A2212 Burnt Ash Hill
A21 Bromley Road - Bellingham Road
A21 Lewisham High Street - Lewisham Park
A212 Park Lane A212 Coombe Road
A214 Farnborough Common A232 Crofton Road
A214 Farnborough Common A232 Croydon Road
A214 Trinity Road - Dorlcote Road
A214 Trinity Road B229 Bellevue Road
A215 Camberwell Road - Wyndham Road
A215 Norwood Road A205 Tulse Hill
A215 South Norwood Hill A213 High Street
A217 London Road A239 Cricket Green
A217 Reigate Avenue B279 Sutton Common Road
A217 St Dunstan's Hill - Gander Green Lane
A217 St Dunstan's Hill A232 Cheam Road
A219 Shepherds Bush Road A4020 Uxbridge Road
A219 Wood Lane A40 Westway
A2207 Druid Street A100 Tower Bridge Road
A2214 East Dulwich Grove - Dulwich Village
A2216 Dog Kennel Hill - Champion Hill
A224 Sevenoaks Way - Leesons Hill
A23 Banstead Road - Fiveways
A23 Brighton Road - The Avenue
A23 Brighton Road - The Avenue
A23 Brixton Road - Vassall Road
A23 Brixton Road A202 Camberwell New Road
A23 Kennington Road - Kennington Green
A23 London Road - Acacia Road
A23 Purley Way - Beddington Farm Road
A23 Streatham High Road - Stanhope Road
A23 Streatham High Road A216 Mitcham Lane
A23 Streatham Hill - Leigham Court Road
A23 Thornton Road - Gonville Road
A232 Croydon Road A214 Elmers End Road
A232 Croydon Road B265 Baston Road
A232 Wickham Road - Orchard Avenue
A233 Main Road - Lebanon Gardens
A235 Brighton Road A23 Russell Hill Parade
A236 Roman Way Rectory Grove
A237 Manor Road A232 Acre Lane
A238 Coombe Road - Galsworthy Road
A24 Clapham Common South - Narbonne Avenue
A24 Clapham Common South Side A205 Cavendish Road
A24 Morden Road A24 Merantun Way
A24 Tooting High Street - Longley Road
A24 Tooting High Street A217 Garratt Lane
A24 Upper Tooting Road - Beechcroft Road
A240 Kingston Road - Jubilee Way
A243 Leatherhead Road B280 Rushett Lane
A297 St Helier Avenue - Middleton Road
A298 Bushey Road Grand Drive
A3 Clapham Road - Caldwell Street
A3 Clapham Road A203 Stockwell Road
A3 Kingston Bypass B282 Burlington Road
A3 Kingston Road A306 Roehampton Lane
A3 Wandsworth Common Northside A3036 Woodwell Street
A3 West Hill - Portinscale Road
A30 Great South West Road - Faggs Road
A30 Great South West Road - Stanwell Road
A30 Great South West Road A312 The Parkway
A302 St George's Road A3203 Lambeth Road
A306 Roehampton Lane - Clarence Lane
A312 Harlington Road East A244 Hounslow Road
A312 The Parkway - Cranford High Street
A316 Great Chertsey Road - Hartington Road
A316 Great Chertsey Road - Stavely Road
A316 Lower Richmond Road - Marksbury Avenue
A316 Lower Richmond Road A3003 Mortlake Road
A3202 Borough Road A300 Southwark Bridge Road
A3205 Battersea Park Road A3220 Latchmere Road
A3205 Swandon Way A217 Bridgend Road
A3205 York Road A214 Trinity Road
A3205 York Road B305 Lombard Road
A3211 Upper Thames Street - Queen Street
A3211 Victoria Avenue - Temple Avenue
A3212 Grosvenor Road A3216 Chelsea Bridge Road
A3217 Lower Grosvenor Place A3214 Buckingham Palace Road
A3220 Gunter Grove A304 Fulham Road
A4 Bath Road A3044 Hatch Lane
A4 Bath Road The Avenue
A4 Great West Road - Sutton Court Road
A4 Great West Road - Thornbury Road
A4 Great West Road - Vicarage Farm Road
A4 Great West Road - Wood Lane
A4 Great West Road A3002 Boston Manor Road
A4 Great West Road A3005 Heston Road
A4 Great West Road A3063 Sutton Lane
A4 Talgarth Road - Gliddon Road
A4 The Strand - Melbourne Place
A4 West Cromwell Road A3220 Warwick Road
A4 West Cromwell Road B317 North End Road
A40 Western Avenue - Old Oak Common Lane
A40 Western Avenue A4000 Leamington Park
A40 Western Avenue A4000 Victoria Road
A40 Western Avenue A406 Hanger Lane
A40 Westway - Hilary Road
A400 Junction Road - Tufnell Park Road
A4005 Bridgewater Road A4089 Ealing Road
A4005 Bridgewater Road A4090 Whitton Avenue East
A4006 Kenton Road - Rushout Avenue
A401 Rosebery Avenue B502 Tysoe Street
A402 Shepherd's Bush Green - Rockley Road
A4020 Hillingdon Road - The Greenway
A4020 Uxbridge Road A437 Harlington Road
A4020 Uxbridge Road - Church Road
A4020 Uxbridge Road - Lansbury Drive
A4020 Uxbridge Road - Lees Road
A4020 Uxbridge Road - Morgan's Lane
A4020 Uxbridge Road - Park View Road
A4020 Uxbridge Road - Royal Lane
A404 George V Avenue - Headstone Lane
A404 Harrow Road - Clifton Avenue
A404 Hillside - Brentfield Road
A404 Uxbridge Road - Elm Park Road
A406 Gunnersbury Avenue A4020 Uxbridge Road
A406 Hanger Lane - Queens Drive
A406 Hanger Lane A40 Western Avenue
A406 North Circular Road - Brentfield Road
A406 North Circular Road A502 Golders Green Road
A406 North Circular Road A598 Regents Park Road
A406 Pinkham Way A109 Bounds Green Road
A408 Cowley Road - Cowley Mill Road
A41 Baker Street - George Street
A41 Edgware Way - Broadfields Avenue
A41 Finchley Road - Frognal Lane
A41 Finchley Road - Platt's Lane
A41 Finchley Road B509 Hilgrove Road
A41 Hendon Way - The Vale
A41 Hendon Way A407 Cricklewood Lane
A41 Watford Way - Aerodrome Road
A41 Watford Way A504 Station Road
A41 Watford Way B551 Queen's Road
A41 Wellington Road - Circus Road
A4201 Langham Place B506 Mortimer Street
A4201 Portland Place - New Cavendish Street
A4201 Regent Street A40 Oxford Street
A4202 Park Lane - Upper Brook Street
A4206 Bishop's Bridge Road - Westbourne Terrace
A437 Station Road - Redmead Road
A5 Cricklewood Broadway - Mora Road
A5 Edgware Road A501 Marylebone Road
A5 Maida Vale - Carlton Hill
A5 Maida Vale - Hall Road
A5 Shoot Up Hill - Mapesbury Road
A5 Shoot Up Hill - Walm Lane
A501 City Road - Central Street
A501 Euston Road - Gordon Street
A501 Euston Road - Osnaburgh Street
A501 Euston Road A4200 Eversholt Street
A501 Marylebone Road - Park Square East
A501 Marylebone Road A41 Baker Street
A501 Marylebone Road A41 Gloucester Place
A501 Marylebone Road A4201 Park Crescent
A501 Marylebone Road A501 Old Marylebone Road
A501 Pentonville Road - Penton Street
A501 Pentonville Road A1 Islington High Street
A503 Camden Road - Camden Park Road
A503 Camden Road A5203 Hillmarton Road
A503 Seven Sisters Road - Woodberry Grove
A503 Seven Sisters Road A103 Hornsey Road
A503 Seven Sisters Road A1201 Blackstock Road
A5204 Seymour Street - Great Cumberland Place
B108 Queensbridge Road - Whiston Road
B152 St Ann's Road A503 Seven Sisters Road
B154 Copenhagen Street A5203 Caledonian Road
B215 Peckham Hill Street - Commercial Way
B218 Stondon Park B238 Honor Oak Park
B271 Stafford Road A23 Purley Way
B501 St John Street B502 Percival Street
B512 Crowndale Road A400 Camden Street
B515 Liverpool Road - MacKenzie Road