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London Charge Stations

Charge Stations

1 Cambridge Road, New Malden Station 24889
1 Hepworth Road Station UT01YN (Taxi-Only)
1 Shepherds Hill Station UT04V4 (Taxi-Only)
1-25 Tulse Hill Brixton Station UT054Z
10 Belgrave Square Station UT086B (Taxi-Only)
10-6 Rossmore Road Westminster Station UT02GS
103 Southwark street Station 24123
113 Upper Clapton Road Station UT042Q
114 Thornton Road Station UT04B0
116 Brighton Road Station UT047R
12-14 Weir Road Balham Station UT012X
124 Lewisham Way Station UT01SV
128 Roehampton Vale Station 24186
13A Greenwich High Road Station 24582
14 Sheen House,87 Roehampton Lane Station 24178
150 Wickham Road, Croydon Station 24687
151 Central Road Worcester Park, Station 24944
16 Gleneagle Road Station UT03QD
16 Gleneagle Road Station UT03QD (Taxi-Only)
16 Talgarth Road Station 24122
162 The Broadway, Wimbledon Station 24976
164 Thornton Road Station UT026Q
164 Thornton Road Station UT02K1
19 London Road, Sutton Station 24973
19 Station Approach, Theydon Bois Station 24147
195 Carlisle Lane Lambeth Station UT07J5
196 - 198 Main Road, Biggin Hill, Westerham Station 24920
2 Belgrave Square Station UT033Y (Taxi-Only)
2 Central Parade, Croydon Station 24849
2 Prentis Road Station UT018Q
2 Saint Dunstan's Hill Station 24491
2-12 Windmill Row Station UT08EV
2-4 Telford Avenue Station UT04F3 (Taxi-Only)
2-4A Durham Street Station UT014G
20 The Market Place Station UT094B (Taxi-Only)
21 Bridge Road Station UT05X7
21 High Street Station UT04XP
220 Uxbridge Road Station 24253
23 Praed Street Westminster Station UT01JK (Taxi-Only)
232-236 Gipsy Rd West Norwood Station UT03S3
234 Norwood Road (A215) West Norwood Station UT01R2
240 Hendon Way, Hendon Central Station 24397
252 Archway Road, Highgate Station 24480
252 Neasden Lane Station UT08QG
261 Battersea Park Road Station UT092S
28 Shooters Hill Road Station 24578
29 Station Road Station UT03D0
29 West Wickham High Street, TLRN Station 24862
3 Gladstone Avenue, Wood Green Station 24688
302 Godstone Rd Kenley Station UT063R
31-33 High Street Station 24276
32-22 Parkhurst Road, Islington Station 24760
320 Trinity Road Station 24471
333 Bromley Road,Outside Catford Police station Station 24287
34 Ellesmere Road Station 24577
368 Upper Richmond Road West Station 24151
376 Hendon Way Station 24195
37–39 Southgate Road Islington Station UT07F2
38 Great Cambridge Road Station 24146
397-399 Hendon Way, Hendon Central Station 24390
4 Power Road, Chiswick Station 24884
4-5 Glenmore Parade, Ealing Road Station UT02RM
40 Godstone Road Station UT06JM
401 Battersea Park Road (opp 154A) Station UT072J (Taxi-Only)
419 Upper Richmond Road Station 24159
420-421 Burdett Road Station 24187
457-471 Wandsworth Rd. Vauxhall Station UT021P
48 Southwark Street Station 24126
484 - 488 Church Road, Northolt, Ealing Station 24974
49 Southwark Station 24125
49 The Market Place Station UT02XF (Taxi-Only)
5 Watford Way Station 24167
5-6 Ashbourne Parade, Hanger Lane Station, Hanger Hill Station 24856
511 Gale Street, Dagenham Station 24971
520 Holloway Road Station 24633
572 Rainham Road South, Dagenham Station 24970
591 Westhorne Avenue Station 24166
64 Southwark Street Station 24378
7 -14 Great Dover Street Station 24124
7 Market Parade,Hampton Road W Station 24279
716-702 London Road Station 24406
72-74 Godstone Road Station UT02LT
74 Southwark Street Station 24382
76 Southwark Street Station 24132
76-80 Tower Bridge Road Station 24128
76-80 Tower Bridge Road Station 24751
79-82 Goding Street Lambeth Station UT01A8
797 London Road (Northbound) Station UT02WN
88 Stamford Hill (by Lampard Grove) Station UT08KN
90-96 Brewery Road Islington Station UT06C1 (Taxi-Only)
97 West Wickham, High Street Station 24847
A1 Great North Way, 141 Great North Way Station 24404
A21 Bromley Hill, Outside 6 Bromley Hill Station 24405
A232 High Street, 62 Grove Road Station 24408
A24 High Street, Colliers Wood, 32 - 34 Christchurch Road Station 24579
A3 Liphook Services Northbound
A40 Western Avenue (Eastbound) Ealing Station UT05KV
A406, 127 Bowes Road Station 24163
Albany Street Camden Station UT06V7 (Taxi-Only)
Arnos Grove Station Car Park Station UT078B (Taxi-Only)
Balham High Road, South Station 24513
Bank Street, Canary Wharf Station 24070
Barkingside Station Car Park Station 24295
Bell Road Car Park, Hounslow Station 24865
Bell Road Car Park, Hounslow Station 24871
Bethany Waye Car Park, East Bedfont Station 24788
Biddestone Park, Holloway Road Station 24541
Bowes Road (on North Circular Rd - A406) Station UT03AJ
BP - Barnet
BP - Dulwich
BP Bedfont
BP Chiswick
BP Clocktower - Gravesend
BP Eastcote
BP Handcross - Haywards Heath
BP Highgate
BP Leander
BP Milton Regis - Sittingbourne
BP St Johns Hill
BP Stamford hill
BP Stanwell
BP Thamesmead
Brent Cross Station Car Park Station UT076S (Taxi-Only)
Brick Lane, Junction with A1010 Station 24779
Brick Lane, Junction with A1010 Station 24780
Bridge Road, Farnborough
Brook Street, Hyde Park Estate Westminster Station UT04K4
Caledonian Road, opposite no. 515 Station 24983
Camley Street, Camden Station 24875
Car park D
Car Park Opposite Sainsbury
CEME Innovation Centre - Rainham
Chase Side, Southgate Station 24778
Christchurch Avenue Station UT062Z
Church Lane, Layteonstone Station 24888
Church Street- Marylebone
Civic Offices Bridge Street - outside CP
Clapham Common North Side (after Taybridge Rd) Station UT04A2
Clifton Road, off New Cross Road (A2) Station UT06DT
Cockfosters Station Car Park Station 24478
Colchester Road (A12 Eastbound) Station UT05MD (Taxi-Only)
Colman Parade, Southbury Rd Station 24759
Connected Kerb, Alma Road
Cranbrook Road Car Park Station UT04NM
Cranbrook Road Car Park Station UT04P5
Crouch Hall Road Car Park Station 24410
Crouch Hall Road Car Park Station 24477
Croydon Road (Eastbound) Station UT041Y
Derby Road - Opposite Fuller’s Road, London Borough of Redbridge Station 24969
East Finchley LU Station Car Park Station UT04L2 (Taxi-Only)
Esso Herds Garage
Esso - Swakeleys
Esso Victoria
Eurogarages - Bath Road
Fairlop Station Car Park Station UT077K (Taxi-Only)
Farnborough Queensmead Car Park
Ford Reception
Foxley Lane, Purley Station UT04YG
Frankham Street, Deptford, Lewisham Station 24967
Frankham Street, Deptford, Lewisham Station 24975
Frogmore Station UT07K3
Gants Hill United Reformed Church, Woodford Avenue Station 24561
Gloucester Way, Clerkinwell Islington Station UT06XY
Golden Lane (Outside Peabody Buildings) Islington Station UT01KB
Great Cambridge Road Station 24150
Hackney Council Bentley Road Car Park
Hackney Council Calvert Avenue
Hackney Council Service Centre
Hainault LU Station Car Park New North Road Station UT06NW
Hainault LU Station Car Park Station UT06NW (Taxi-Only)
Halfords Autocentre Grays
Halfords Autocentre High Wycombe
Halfords Autocentre Redhill
Hamlet Court Road Car Park
Hanover Gate Mansions (Park Road - Marylebone) Station UT048J (Taxi-Only)
Harrington Square, Kings Cross Station 24134
Harrow-On-The-Hill LU Station Car Park Station UT06R4 (Taxi-Only)
Hatton Cross Station car park Station 24143
Highbury Park, outside Saint John’s Court Islington Station UT04U6
Hornchurch Station Car Parl,164 Station Lane Station 24258
Hounslow-West Station Car Park Station UT01PC (Taxi-Only)
Hoxton Street, Hackney Station 24921
In Front of WTS Service Centre,Kew Road,A307 Roundabout Station 24157
Jet - Mill Road
Jet Amersham
Jubilee Way, Wimbledon Station UT038Z
Kennington Park Road Station 24474
Kensington Road Station UT05HC (Taxi-Only)
Lairaige Multi storey Car Park
Lancaster Gate (Spire House) Station UT09ED (Taxi-Only)
Letchworth Multi-storey
LEVC, 39-41 Brewery Road Station UT02NC (Taxi-Only)
LEVC, 39-41 Brewery Road Station UT05PW (Roof 2)
LEVC, 39-41 Brewery Road Station UT06FC (Showroom 1)
LEVC, 39-41 Brewery Road Station UT07SG (Showroom 2)
LEVC, 39-41 Brewery Road Station UT08AL (Showroom 3)
LEVC, 39-41 Brewery Road Station UT093K (Showroom 4)
Leytonstone London Underground Station Station UT035H (Taxi-Only)
Lille Road (Normand Park layby), Hammersmith Station UT08ZR
Limburg Road, A3 Battersea Rise Station UT07RP
London Road Croydon Station UT07U0 (Taxi-Only)
London Road, Southend on Sea
Lone Bay - Park Parade, 112 Gunnersbury Avenue (A406 N Circular), Ealing Common Station 24972
Loughton Underground Staff Cark Park,Station Road Station 10109
Lower Richmond Road by Bicester Road Station UT08YZ
Lower Richmond Road by Manor Grove Station UT098L
Manor Way Carpark - Alton
Maple Road, Penge, Bromley Station 24885
MFG Shell Isleworth
Mill Hill East Station Car Park Station 24133
Mission Grove Car Park, Walthamstow Station 24789
Molesworth Street Car Park, Molesworth Street Station 24852
Molesworth Street Car Park, Molesworth Street Station 24859
Morant House, Stockwell Road Station 24473
Morrisons Enfield
Morrisons Loughton
Morrisons Watford
Newbury Park Underground Station Station UT08D2 (Taxi-Only)
Newham Way (Westbound) Station UT02Z4 (Taxi-Only)
Newham Way (Westbound) Station UT06SX (Taxi-Only)
Nichol Lane, Bromley Station 24917
Noble Street Station UT05E1
Noble Street Station UT05E1 (Taxi-Only)
North Ealing Underground Station, Station Road, Hanger Hill Station 24366
North Parade, Kingston Station 24946
Oakley street, Chelsea Station 24840
Oakwood station Car Park Bramley Road Station UT07E4
Oakwood station Car Park Station UT07E4 (Taxi-Only)
Old Court,Froebel College Uni of Roehampton,Roehampton Lane Station 24160
Old Dover Road car park Station 24130
Opp. 17 Meredith Street Clerkenwell Station UT020X
Opposite 167 - 171 Isledon Road Station 24264
Opposite 195, South Lambeth Road Station 24352
Opposite 70 Watford Way,A41 Southbound,Barnet Station 24192
Osnaburgh Street Station UT06UG
Osterley Station Car Park Station UT04G1 (Taxi-Only)
Outside 11 Westway,White City Station 24251
Outside 150 - 154 Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington Station 24520
Outside 17-18 Ace Parade Station 24116
Outside 180 - 182,2 Seven Sisters Road Station 24272
Outside 209-219 London Road Station 24190
Outside 24-26 Bromley Hill Station 24175
Outside 347 - 353 Eastern Avenue Station 24204
Outside 477,London Road Station 24259
Outside 5 - 13 Grantham Road, Burlington Road Station 24288
Outside 528,London Road Station 24179
Outside 7 Bromley Hill Station 24294
Outside 733 - 741, Sidcup Road Station 24197
Outside 91 - 103 London Road Station 24185
Outside Block E Du Cane, Wandsworth Station 24297
Outside Dog House Pub, Kennington Lane Station 24335
Outside Medina Court, Seven Sisters Road, Station 24842
Outside Medina Court,Seven Sisters Road Station 24200
Outside, 141 - 149 Well Hall Road Station 24074
Penns Place - Petersfield
Perivale station car park, Greenford Station 24139
Perry Vale Parking, Forest Hill Station 24857
Perry Vale Parking, Forest Hill Station 24860
Premier Inn, Hanger Lane Station UT01F9
Q-Park Chinatown, 20 Newport Place Station 24119
Q-Park Chinatown, 20 Newport Place Station 24120
Q-park Knightsbridge,Kinnerton Street Station 24137
Q-park Knightsbridge,Kinnerton street Station 24140
Q-Park Pimlico,Cumberland Street Station 24136
Q-park St Johns Wood,Kingsmill Terrace Station 24142
Q-Park St Johns Wood,Kingsmill Terrace Station 24148
Q-Park Tower Bridge,Gainsford Street Station 24152
Q-Park Westminster, Abingdon Street Car Park, Great College Street Station 24117
Q-Park, Harley St, Queen Anne Mews Station 24145
Q-Park, Oxford Street, Cavendish Square Station 24114
Q-Park, Oxford street, Cavendish Square Station 24115
Q-Park, Pimlico,Cumberland St Station 24135
Q-park, Surrey street Station 24138
Q-park, Surrey street Station 24141
Q-Park, Tower Bridge,Gainsford Street Station 24155
Q-Park,Harley St,Queen Anne Mews Station 24144
Queensbury Station Car Park, Turner road Station 24129
Ramsey Walk, next to St Paul's South Open Space, Islington Station 24985
Redbridge Station Car Park, 130 Eastern Avenue Station 24375
Regency Place, Belgravia Westminster Station UT05ZY (Taxi-Only)
Regency Place, Belgravia Westminster Station UT068S (Taxi-Only)
Regency Place, Belgravia Westminster Station UT09A4 (Taxi-Only)
Richmond Road Carpark, Chingford Station 24968
Rock Street, Finsbury Park Station 24379
Rosslyn Hill, Camden Station 24877
Rosslyn Hill, Camden Station 24880
Rowan Road (Opp No. 5), Hammersmith Station UT04EB
Ruislip Gardens Station Car Park Station UT05LM (Taxi-Only)
Russell Gardens Station 24851
Russell Square (North West side) Station UT043H (Taxi-Only)
Scrubs Lane Car Park Station UT07T7
Scrubs Lane Car Park Station UT07VY
Scrubs Lane Car Park Station UT07WQ
Seaway Car Park
Shell - Ilford
Shell - Long Ditton
Shell - Wembley Park
Shell - West Wickham
Shell Acton Vale
Shell Bexleyheath
Shell Cheshunt
Shell Footscray
Shell Harrow
Shell Ifield - Crawley
Shell Kenton Road
Shell Lewisham
Shell Tottenham
South carpark
South Harrow LU Station Car Park Station UT06Q6 (Taxi-Only)
South Lane Station 24945
South Ruislip LU Station Car Park Station Approach Station UT03W6
South Ruislip LU Station Car Park Station UT03W6 (Taxi-Only)
South Woodford LU Station Car Park Station UT025Y
South Woodford LU Station Car Park Station UT025Y (Taxi-Only)
Southwark Street (east of Redcross Way) Station UT06H2
Starbucks A3 Northbound
Stratford Bus Depot,Station Road,Stratford Station 1536
Summerland Gardens Car Park, Summerland Gardens, Muswell Hill Station 24690
Summerland Gardens Car Park, Summerland Gardens, Muswell Hill Station 24728
Symons Street Station 24846
Texaco - Egham
Texaco - Ten Pin
Texaco St Pauls Cray
TFL Site - TAXI only, 366 Holloway Road Station 24550
TFL, Albion Road, Stoke Newington Station 24982
TFL, Outside 26 - 30 Western Avenue Station 24984
TFL, Outside Surbiton Fire Station, Kingston upon thames Station 24919
The Avenue Car Park
The Triangle Station 24891
Totteridge & Whetstone LU Station Car Park Station UT05FT (Taxi-Only)
Totteridge & Whetstone LU Station Car Park Totteridge Lane Station UT05FT
Town Council Car Park, Petersfield
Twitchells Carpark
Upper Richmond Road Station UT02BR
V Building/Carpark H
Vanguard Street Car Park, Vanguard Street, Deptford Station 24787
Vanguard Street Car Park, Vanguard Street, Deptford Station 24853
Visitors Carpark
Waitrose Petersfield
Wanstead London Underground Station Station UT09G3 (Taxi-Only)
Wanstead London Underground Station The Greeen, Wanstead Station UT09G3
Warrior Square Car Park
Warwick Avenue (N.Bound @Nr. 27) Station UT08VH (Taxi-Only)
Watford Station Carpark Station 24127
Wellington Place Station UT04DK (Taxi-Only)
Wellington Place Station UT05VP (Taxi-Only)
Wembley Park LU Car Park Station Station UT07BT (Taxi-Only)
West Bank,295 - 323 Euston Road,Kings Cross Station 24156
Westbound offslip on approach to Argyle Road Junction,Layby near Old Church Lane Station 24271
Wilberforce Road, Hackney Station 24942
Windmill Drive Lambeth Station UT04WX
Windsor Terrace, Hackney Station 24882
Woodside Park Carpark
Woodside Park Rd Station 24131