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London Speed Cameras

Speed Cameras

Green Wrythe Lane north of St Andrews Road
/Lady Margaret Road south of Hillside Road
/Tennison Rd west of Davidson Rd
/Yeading Lane by Maple Road
Rochester Way by Carnbrook Road
Albemarle Road West of Westgate Road
Brenchley Gardens near Kelvington Road
Brook Street by Riverdale Road Erith
Linden Grove south of Daniels Road
Middleton Road near Tweedale Road
Midfield Way West of Chipperfield Road
Old Farleigh Road north of Birdwood Close
Rochester Way east of Glenesk Road
Shepherds Hill West of Phillida Road
Southborough Lane near Oxhawth Crescent
Straight Road app100m north of Briar Road
Sunray Avenue south of Denmark Hill
Sydenham Hill near Mountacre Close
Widmore Road West of Southview
Wingletye Lane south of Wiltshire Avenue
Yarnton Way East of Wolvercote Road
Yarnton Way West of Alsike Road
- Aldborough Road South by Selwyn Avenue
- Church Road by Miles Road
- Eynsham Drive near Peterstone Road
- King Henry's Drive by Goldcrest Way
- Middleton Road by Shrewsbury Road
- Whitefoot Lane by Haddington Road
-- Bedonwell Road west of Lenham Road
-- North Acton Road north of Everitt Road
-- Old Oak Road by Hemlock Road
-/Farley Road by Littleheath Road
/Church Hill by Church Road
A1 Archway Road near Waterlow Road
A1 Archway Road opposite Talbot Road
A1 Aylmer Road near Bancroft Avenue
A1 Barnet Way near Courtland Avenue
A1 Barnet Way North of Barnet Lane
A1 Holloway Road by Fairbridge Road
A1 Holloway Road by Furlong Road
A1 Holloway Road by Jackson Road
A1 Holloway Road by Manor Gardens
A1 Lyttleton Road Gurney Drive
A1 Upper Street by Essex Road
A1 Upper Street Islington Green
A1 Watford Way Page Street
A1 Watford Way south of The Broadway
A10 Great Cambridge Road by Progress Way
A10 Great Cambridge Road by Turkey Street
A10 Great Cambridge Road jw Westerham Avenue
A10 Great Cambridge Road near Pasteur Gardens
A10 Great Cambridge Road near Trinity Avenue
A10 Great Cambridge Road north of Crown Road
A10 Great Cambridge Road north of The Fairway
A10 Kingsland Road by Dunston Road
A10 Stamford Hill by Egerton Road
A10 Stamford Hill south of Holmleigh Road
A10 Stoke Newington Road by Farleigh Road
A10 Tottenham High Road By Lealand Road
A10 Tottenham High Road near Town Hall Approach
A1000 Great North Road near Beaumont Place
A101 Rotherhithe Tunnel Entrance
A101 Rotherhithe Tunnel Entrance
A1010 Hertford Road by Wickham Close
A1010 High Road Tottenham by Scotland Green
A102 Blackwall Tunnel Southern Approach
A102 Rochester Way slip from Shooters Hill Roundabout
A1020 North Woolwich Road by Mill Road
A1020 Royal Docks Road near Gallions Reach roundabout
A1020 Royal Docks Road south of Armada Way
A103 Hornsey Road by Roads Place
A104 Dalston Lane by Laurel Street
A104 Essex Road by Cannonbury Street
A104 High Road Woodford Green north of Mornington Road
A104 Lea Bridge Road by Albany Road
A104 Lea Bridge Road by Hitcham Road
A104 Lea Bridge Road by Shernhall Street
A104 Lea Bridge Road by Waterworks Lane
A104 Woodford Road New Road north of St Peter's Avenue
A105 Green Lanes by Spring Park Drive
A105 Green Lanes near jw Queens Drive
A1055 Meridian Way by Ardra Road
A1055 Meridian Way by Morson Road
A1055 Mollison Ave north of Brancroft Way
A1055 Mollison Avenue by Duck Lees Lane
A1055 Mollison Avenue by Jeffreys Road
A1055 The Ridgeway by Botany Bay
A1055 Watermead Way north of Burdock Road
A1055 Watermead Way north of Marigold Road
A107 Amhurst Park near jw Eastbank
A107 Clapton Common south of jw Portland Avenue
A107 Mare Street by Brenthouse Road
A107 Upper Clapton Road by Gunton Road
A1080 The Roundway by New Road
A1083 Green Lane west of Tenterden Road
A109 Bounds Green Road by Northcott Avenue
A109 Bounds Green Road by Trinity Road
A109 Bounds Green Road near Blake Road
A11 Bow Road opposite Harley Grove
A11 Mile End Road by Bancroft Road
A11 Mile End Road east of Cambridge Heath Road
A110 Enfield Road near Cotswold Way
A110 Slades Hill - Old Park View
A111 Cockfosters Road south of Lancaster Avenue
A111 The Bourne east of The Parkway
A1112 Rainham Road South jw Canberra Crescent
A1112 Romford Road by Peregrine Road
A112 Prince Regent Lane by Argyle Road
A114 Whipps Cross Road by Preston Road
A114 Whipps Cross Road west of James Lane
A116 Aldersbrook Road by Empress Avenue
A118 London Road West of Jutsums Lane
A1199 High Road Woodford Green by Forest Approach
A1199 St Paul's Road by Harecourt Road
A1199 Woodford Road by Clarendon Road
A12 BTNA Exit from Bow Bridge Underpass
A12 BTNA jw Abbot Road
A12 BTNA jw Gillender Street
A12 BTNA jw Hancock Road
A12 BTNA opposite Joshua Street
A12 Colchester Road near Court Avenue
A12 East Cross Route east of Quartermile Lane
A12 East Cross Route near Wick Road
A12 Eastern Ave Park Boulevard
A12 Eastern Ave by Ashmour Gardens
A12 Eastern Ave by Windermere Gardens
A12 Eastern Ave near Albemarle Approach
A12 Eastern Ave near Masefield Crescent
A12 Eastern Ave near Ramsgill Drive
A12 Eastern Ave near Somerville Road
A12 Eastern Ave near Suffolk Road
A12 Eastern Ave near Whalebone Lane North
A12 Hackney to M11 Link Road near Gainsborough Road bridge
A12 Hackney to M11 Link Road near Gainsborough Road bridge
A12 Hackney to M11 Link Road near Leyton High Road
A12 Hackney to M11 Link Road near Nutter Lane
A12 West Hackney Cut Bridge
A1200 Canonbury Road by Alwyne Villas
A1200 New North Road by Elizabeth Avenue
A1200 New North Road near Cherbury Street
A1201 Highbury Grove north of Highbury New Park
A1203 East Smithfield by Cartwright Street
A1203 Limehouse Link Tunnel
A1203 The Highway jw Artichoke Hill
A1203 The Highway West of Brodlove Lane
A1205 Burdett Road by Thomas Road
A1206 Westferry Road by Transom Square near Tyndale Court
A1206 Westferry Road north of jw Cuba Street
A1206 Westferry Road south of Hutchings Street
A123 Cranbrook Road by Geariesville Gardens
A124 Barking Road by Macaulay Road
A124 Hornchurch Road by Lyndhurst Drive
A124 Longbridge Road by Malvern Drive
A124 Rush Green Road by Rush Green Gardens
A125 Rainham Road by Knightswood Road
A1261 Aspen Way by Castor Lane
A127 Southend Arterial Road south of Gallows Corner
A13 Alfreds Way jw Spur Road by Jenkins Way
A13 Alfreds Way near Westminster Gardens
A13 Commercial Road near Sidney Street
A13 Commercial Road opposite Steels Lane
A13 East India Dock Road by Canton Street
A13 East India Dock Road by Kerbey Street
A13 Newham Way by Sullivan Avenue
A13 Newham Way near Masefield Gardens
A13 Newham Way near Noel Road
A13 Newham Way opposite Beckton Road
A13 Ripple Road near Renwick Road
A13 Ripple Road West of Morrison Road
A1306 New Road East Manor Way
A1306 New Road jw South Close
A1306 New Road near Betterton Road
A1306 New Road near Cherry Tree Lane
A2 Blackheath Hill near Dartmouth Hill
A2 Old Kent Road by Commercial Way
A2 Old Kent Road north of Massinger Street
A2 Rochester Way by Danson Road
A2 Rochester Way by River Cray
A2 Rochester Way by Rochester Drive
A2 Rochester Way by Woodside Lane
A2 Rochester Way near Hook Lane
A2 Rochester Way Relief Road over Eltham Green Road
A2 Rochester Way Relief Road southbound onslip from junction with Shooters Hill Road roundabout
A2 Rochester Way Relief Road West of Riefield Road
A20 Eltham Road by Reed Close
A20 Lee High Road by Belmont Park
A20 Sidcup Bypass near Beaverwood Club
A20 Sidcup Bypass West of Cray Road
A20 Sidcup Road appr to Dutch House
A20 Sidcup Road at Montbelle Road
A20 Sidcup Road near Broad Lawn
A20 Sidcup Road near Chapel Farm Road
A20 Sidcup Road opposite West Hallowes
A2016 Bronze Age Way by Lower Road
A2016 Bronze Age Way south of Crabtree Manorway
A2016 Eastern Way by Harrow Manor Way
A2016 Eastern Way by Yarnton Way
A202 Peckham Road by Shenley Road
A202 Vauxhall Bridge Road south of Charlwood Street
A2022 Addington Road opposite Mountwood Close
A2022 Mitchley Avenue by Copthorne Rise
A2022 Selsdon Park Road by Pixton Way
A203 South Lambeth Road by Walton Close
A204 Tulse Hill south of Brailsford Road
A2043 Cambridge Road by Waters Road
A205 Academy Road Woolwich Common
A205 Brownhill Road by Redfern Road
A205 Christchurch Road by Roupell Road
A205 Dulwich Common near Hambleden Place
A205 Mortlake Road jw Taylor Avenue
A205 Stanstead Road by Carholme Road
A205 The Avenue near Nightingale Walk
A205 The Avenue south of Windmill Drive
A205 Thurlow Park Road near Dalmore Road
A205 Thurlow Park Road near Thurlow Hill
A205 Upper Richmond Road opposite Colinette Road
A206 Northend Road near Bridge Road
A206 Plumstead Road by Villas Road
A206 Woolwich Church Street
A206 Woolwich Church Street near Kingsman Street
A206 Woolwich Road Belvedere near Knee Hill
A206 Woolwich Road by Harold Avenue
A208 Court Road by Middle Park Avenue
A208 Mottingham Road south of Ravensworth Road
A21 Bromley Common by Hook Farm Road
A21 Bromley Hill by Ashgrove Road
A21 Bromley Road opposite Penerley Rd
A21 Hastings Road south of Jackson Road
A21 Kentish Way south of Elmfield Road
A21 Rushey Green north of Hawstead Road
A21 Tweedy Road by Florence Road
A210 Eltham Hill by Prince John Road
A210 New Kent Road East of Searles Road
A2105 Southend Road south of Stumps Hill Lane
A211 Footscray Road by Aldwick Close
A212 Coombe Lane by Oaks Road
A212 Coombe Road by Campion Close
A212 Crystal Palace Parade
A212 Gravel Hill by Addington Palace
A212 Gravel Hill by Addington Palace
A212 Westwood Hill by Longton Grove
A212 Whitehorse Road north of Bensham Manor Road
A213 Selhurst Road by Prince Road
A214 Central Hill by Rockmount Road
A214 Elmers End Road north of Beck Lane
A214 Trinity Road near Magdalen Road
A214 Trinity Road north of Windmill Road
A215 Beulah Hill by Spa Hill
A215 Beulah Hill near Norbury Hill
A215 Portland Road by Enmore Road
A215 South Norwood Hill by Grange Avenue
A217 Belmont Rise near Arundel Road
A217 Belmont Rise near Cornwall Road
A217 London Road by Crusoe Road
A217 Reigate Ave near Glastonbury Road
A217 St Dunstans Hill by Church Hill Road
A219 Fulham Palace Road opposite Niton Street
A219 Parkside by Somerset Road
A219 Putney Hill by Westleigh Avenue
A219 Scrubs Lane north of Mitre Way
A219 Scrubs Lane south of Hyde Road
A2199 South Croxted Road south of Church Approach
A22 Godstone Road near Foxley Hill Road
A220 Bexley Road by Arran Close Erith
A220 Gravel Hill opposite Gravel Hill Close
A2202 Redriff Road West of Norway Gate
A2217 Acre Lane west of Baytree Road
A222 Lower Addiscombe Road opposite Inglis Road
A223 North Cray Road by Bunkers Hill
A223 North Cray Road by Chantry Close
A23 Brighton Road at West Dene School
A23 Brighton Road north of Woodfield Hill
A23 Brighton Road south of Purley Rise
A23 Brixton Hill north of Dumbarton Road
A23 Brixton Hill south of Hayter Road
A23 Brixton Road opposite Wynne Road
A23 Brixton Road south of Groveway
A23 Brixton Road south of Mostyn Road
A23 Kennington Road north of Chester Way
A23 London Road by Kilmartin Avenue
A23 London Road near Goldwell Road
A23 Purley Way by Foss Avenue
A23 Purley Way near Miller Road
A23 Purley Way south of Russell Green Close
A23 Purley Way south of Waddon Way
A23 Streatham High Road Baldry Gardens
A23 Streatham High Road near Natal Road
A23 Streatham Hill near Wyatt Park Road
A23 Thornton Road by Boston Road
A232 Addiscombe Road by Mapledale Avenue
A232 Carshalton Road by Highfield Road
A232 Croydon Road west of Church Road
A232 Glebe Way West of Silver Lane
A235 Brighton Road south of Jarvis Road
A236 Croydon Road by Watney's Road
A236 Mitcham Road by Croydon Cemetery
A236 Mitcham Road south of Sutherland Road
A236 Old Town south of Cranmer Road
A237 London Road by Senga Road
A237 Woodcote Grove Road by Fairfield Way
A238 Coombe Lane by Warren Rise
A24 Balham High Road by Bedford Hill
A24 Balham High Road by Upper Tooting Park
A24 Clapham Common Southside near Lessar Avenue
A24 Epsom Road Morden north of Holne Chase
A24 London Road by Glyn Road
A24 London Road East of Rosedene Avenue
A24 Morden Road south of B285 Dorset Road
A240 Kingston Road south of Jubilee Way
A243 Hook Road Hawkhurst Gardens
A243 Leatherhead Road by Rushett Farm
A243 Leatherhead Road north of Chalky Lane
A297 St Helier Avenue south of Arras Avenue
A3 Beverley Way opposite Huntley Way
A3 Clapham High Street by Cato Road
A3 Clapham Road by Richborne Terrace
A3 Clapham Road south of Grantham Road
A3 Hook Rise by Hook Underpass
A3 Kennington Park Road by Cleaver Square
A3 Kingston Bypass jw Fullers Way north
A3 Kingston Bypass jw Huntley Way
A3 Kingston Bypass near Robin Hood Gate
A3 Kingston Road east of Roehampton Lane
A3 Kingston Road opposite Alton Road
A3 Malden Way jw Cobham Avenue
A3 Malden Way jw Elmbridge Avenue
A3 Malden Way jw Manor Drive north
A3 New Malden near Bushey Road Flyover
A3 Roehampton Vale near Robin Hood Gate
A3 West Hill by Dromore Road
A3 West Hill by Dromore Road
A3 West Hill by Tibbets Corner
A30 Great South West Road Girling Way
A30 Great South West Road near Terminal 4
A3036 Albert Embankment opposite Glasshouse Walk
A3036 Wandsworth Road east of Saint Rule Street
A306 Castelnau north of Washington Road
A306 Rocks Lane south of Mill Hill Road
A306 Roehampton Lane by Wanborough Drive
A307 Portsmouth Road by Anglesea Road
A307 Richmond Road opposite Grosvenor Gardens
A308 Kingston Hill Berystede
A308 Kingston Hill near Warren Road
A308 Kingston Hill opposite Cotswold Close
A308 Kingston Vale opposite Derwent Avenue
A308 Thames Street west of Church Street
A312 Faggs Road by Armadale Road
A312 Hampton Road West by Canterbury Road
A312 The Parkway north of Pump Lane
A312 The Parkway north of Willow Tree Lane
A312 The Parkway south of M4
A312 Uxbridge Road by Wigley Road
A314 Hanworth Road by Alice Way
A315 Brentford High Street east of Pottery Road
A315 Hammersmith Road by Rowan Road
A315 London Road by Langley Road
A316 Chertsey Road by Winning Post PH
A316 Chertsey Road jw Rosebine Avenue
A316 Clifford Avenue near Chiswick Bridge
A316 Country Way Cresswell Road
A316 Great Chertsey Road near Hartington Road
A316 Lower Mortlake Road by Castlegate
A316 The Avenue near Heathcote Road
A316 Twickenham Road by Old Deer Park
A3205 Nine Elms Lane near Ponton Road
A3205 York Road by Gartons Way
A3211 Lower Thames Street by St Mary at Hill
A3211 Upper Thames Street between London Bridge and Southwark Bridge
A3211 Upper Thames Street by Lambeth Hill
A3211 Victoria Embankment by Temple Place
A3212 Chelsea Embankment by Cheyne Walk
A3212 Grosvenor Road near Vauxhall Bridge
A3212 Millbank south of Thorney Street
A3220 West Cross Route south of A40
A4 Bath Road by Heathrow Boulevard
A4 Bath Road by Waye Avenue
A4 Bath Road Haslemere Avenue
A4 Bath Road West of Oxford Avenue
A4 Cromwell Road by Cromwell Place
A4 Cromwell Road by Lexham Gardens
A4 Great West Road Osterley Court
A4 Great West Road Penwerris Avenue
A4 Great West Road by Leigham Drive
A4 Great West Road by Netheravon Road
A4 Great West Road by Nigel Playfair Avenue
A4 Great West Road by Transport Avenue
A4 Great West Road east of jw Lionel Road
A40 Bayswater Road by Lancaster Gate
A40 Western Ave Long Drive
A40 Western Ave opposite Long Drive
A40 Western Ave opposite Lynwood Road
A40 Western Ave Rydal Crescent
A40 Western Ave West of Kathleen Avenue
A40 Western Ave West of Lynwood Road
A40 Western Avenue by RAF Northolt Aerodrome
A40 Western Avenue by Welland Gardens
A40 Western Avenue East Swakeleys Road
A40 Westway by Bloemfontein Road
A40 Westway jw Primula Street
A400 Camden Street by Pratt Street
A400 Junction Road Wyndham Crescent
A400 Kentish Town Road by Islip Street
A4000 Horn Lane opposite Nemoure Road
A4005 /Sudbury Hill Sudbury near jw Greenford Rd
A4005 Bridgewater Road near Atherton Heights
A4006 Kenton Road Kinross Close
A4006 Kenton Road by Hawthorne Avenue
A4006 Kenton Road opposite Rufford Close
A402 Shepherd's Bush Green by Rockley Road
A4020 Hillingdon Hill by Cemetery Gate
A4020 The Broadway Southall by Ranelagh Road
A4020 Uxbridge Road by New Road
A4020 Uxbridge Road east of Windmill Lane
A4020 Uxbridge Road near Lime Grove
A4020 Uxbridge Road West of Bankside
A4020 Uxbridge Road west of Lees Road
A404 Brentfield Hillside by Wesley Road
A404 George V Ave jw Elmcroft Crescent
A404 Harrow Road by Berens Road
A404 Harrow Road by Cirencester Street
A404 Harrow Road east of Tring Avenue
A404 Harrow Road near Victoria Avenue
A404 Rickmansworth Road by Birken Mews
A404 St Thomas's Drive jw Briants Close
A404 Watford Road Wembley south of jw Kenton Rd
A406 Gunnersbury Avenue by Manor Gardens
A406 Hanger Lane jw Greystoke Gardens
A406 Hanger Lane opposite Chatsworth Road
A406 Hanger Lane south of Beaufort Road
A406 North Circular Road by Dog Lane
A406 North Circular Road Colney Hatch Lane
A406 North Circular Road Coppetts Close
A406 North Circular Road East of Pymmes Close
A406 North Circular Road jw Heather Road
A406 North Circular Road near A124 Slip Road
A406 North Circular Road near A124 Slip Road
A406 North Circular Road near Abbey Road
A406 North Circular Road near Cross Street
A406 North Circular Road near Melville Gardens
A406 North Circular Road near Palmerston Road
A406 North Circular Road near Westbury Road
A406 North Circular Road near Wrights Place
A406 North Circular Road north of Eastern Avenue
A406 North Circular Road opposite Heather Road
A406 North Circular Road opposite Silver Street
A406 North Circular Road opposite Woodheyes Road
A406 North Circular Road Shirehall Park
A406 North Circular Road south A12 slip Road
A406 North Circular Road south of Ilford Slip
A406 North Circular Road south Redbridge Roundabout
A406 North Circular Road under East End Road bridge
A406 North Circular Road west of A1000 North Finchley High Rd
A406 Southend Road approach to Charlie Brown's roundabout
A406 Walthamstow Avenue by Trinity Way
A406 Walthamstow Avenue opposite Trinity Way
A408 High Road by Pinn Close
A4088 Neasden Lane south Coombe Road
A409 Brookshill Harrow Weald Park
A4090 Alexandra Avenue by Drake Road
A4090 Imperial Drive by Farm Avenue
A41 Edgware Way Glendale Avenue
A41 Finchley Road by Netherhall Gardens
A41 Finchley Road near Boundary Road
A41 Finchley Road near Parsifal Road
A41 Hendon Way near Wessex Gardens
A41 Hendon Way north of Grampian Gardens
A41 Hendon Way Renters Avenue
A410 Uxbridge Road by Hathaway Close
A4127 Greenford Road by Ingram Way
A4140 Fryent Way north of Valley Drive
A4140 Honeypot Lane Broadcroft Avenue
A4140 Honeypot Lane north Wigton Gardens
A4140 Marsh Lane opposite Silverston Way
A4140 Stanmore Hill jw Wood Lane
A4200 Eversholt Street by Aldenham Street
A4202 Park Lane by Grosvenor Gate
A437 Long Lane by No 248
A437 Long Lane jw Misbourne Road
A5 Edgware Road by Gladstone Park Gardens
A5 Edgware Road opposite Annesley Avenue
A501 City Road by Wharf Road
A501 Euston Road by A400 Gower Street
A501 Euston Road by Osnaburgh Street
A501 Euston Road near Churchway
A501 Pentonville Road by Claremont Square
A502 Rosslyn Hill by Shepherd's Walk
A503 Broad Lane by Stamford Road
A503 Camden Road by Murray Street
A503 Camden Road near Dalmeny Avenue
A503 Camden Road West of Williamson Street
A503 Forest Road by Rosebank Grove
A503 Forest Road east of Bream Close
A503 Parkhurst Road E of Hillmarton Road
A503 Seven Sisters Road by Eade Road
A503 Seven Sisters Road jw Thane Villas
A503 Seven Sisters Road near Culvert Road
A503 Seven Sisters Road near Portland Rise
A503 Seven Sisters Road near Wilberforce Road
A503 Seven Sisters Road West of Amhurst Park
A504 Muswell Hill opposite Cranmore Way
A5201 Old Street opposite Tilney Court
A5203 Caledonian Road opposite Freeling Street S/B
B108 Queensbridge Road by Scriven Street
B112 Homerton Road by Lee Conservancy Road
B153 Philip Lane by Clonmell Road
B178 Ballards Road south of Boleyn Gardens
B205 Salter Road north of Downtown Road
B218 Brockley Rise by Whatman Road
B2230 Rose Hill opposite Waverley Avenue
B238 Peckham Rye at Waverley School
B263 Green Lane south of jw Shallons Road
B266 Brigstock Road east of Quadrant Road
B283 Traps Lane north of Buxton Drive
B358 Sandy Lane north of jw Cedars Road
B358 Sixth Cross Road by Fielding Avenue
B452 Northfield Avenue by Kingsdown Avenue
B455 Ealing Road by Burford Road
B461 Whitchurch Lane opposite Donnefield Avenue
B466 High Road Ickenham jw Aylsham Drive
M4 Airport Spur Road Sipson Heathrow
M4 Motorway Brentford by Junct 2
M4 Motorway Brentford elevated section start
M4 Motorway by Heston Services
M4 Motorway near Grand Union Canal
M4 Motorway Osterley by Osterley Lane
M4 Motorway West of Junct 3