taxi apps in london

Guide to the Taxi Apps in London

London is one of the cities in the world that has more tourists every year around. Between its long history combined with a modern lifestyle, London is always a preferred destination for many people around the world. So, you may need to consider the most popular taxi apps in London.

As you get to London, it is important that you can move from one location to the other safely. While you can use public transportation, such as buses, trains, metros, subways or tubes, sometimes you want to take a faster journey or you simply want a more comfortable journey. This means you need to ensure that you know the best taxi apps in London.

Which Taxi App in London Is the Best?

With so many choices, the right taxi app in London often depends on your needs:

– Uber offers widespread car availability with lower rates
– Bolt matches Uber’s convenience at even cheaper prices
– FREE NOW easily hails iconic London black taxis and mini-cabs
– Addison Lee has five decades of taxi service expertise
– Gett seamlessly books licensed cabs at affordable rates
– Wheely provides luxury vehicles and elite service for a premium

For most London visitors, apps like Uber and FREE NOW adequately cover transportation needs with convenience and reasonable prices. But having accounts with multiple apps helps when demand surges or you need specialty vehicles.

Guide to the Taxi Apps in London

As an enormous, sprawling city, getting around London relies heavily on the iconic black cabs and licensed mini-cabs. But rideshare apps are disrupting the taxi scene, giving visitors convenient digital booking options. This guide outlines the major taxi and private hire apps optimized for travel in London.

#1: Uber App in London

When thinking about taxi apps in London, you just can’t go over Uber. Despite the many legal disputes the company has been involved in in London, Uber still is one of the most popular ways to book a taxi in this beautiful city.

Operating in over 70 countries, Uber provides an easy way to book affordable licensed rideshares in London via their app. Whether you need a standard UberX, roomier UberXL, or high-end Uber Executive, prices are generally lower than famous London black taxis.

Within the Uber app, you can view ETAs, driver details, real-time mapping, fare estimates, and cashless payment. No need to tip drivers. While not without controversy, Uber now operates legally and is widely used in London, especially among younger residents and savvy travelers.

As soon as you select your location and destination, Uber will deliver a fare estimate. On top of that, you will be able to choose the type of ride that you want as well as can see how long it will be till an Uber driver is available. For paying, you don’t need to have cash with you. You can simply pay using a credit or debit card or a PayPal account as long as it is linked to your account.

Some more details about Uber app

– See live map of available cars nearby and wait times for each type before booking
– Get fare estimate for trip based on destination entered
– Driver details like photo, name, rating shown after requesting
– Track your driver’s approach on real-time map
– Cashless payment – Uber charges your saved method automatically
– Ability to schedule rides days or weeks in advance

Uber is available on both iOS and Android.

taxi apps in london
taxi apps in london

#2: Bolt app in London

Formerly known as Taxify and Hopp, Bolt is an Estonian company that has been offering both lower fares to passengers and higher income for drivers.

Offering ride-hailing services similar to Uber, Bolt is an alternative for booking private rides point-to-point in London. Bolt may have fewer drivers versus Uber but provides comparable functionality like estimated fares, driver ratings, route overview, and all digital payment.

According to reviews, Bolt pricing can be slightly cheaper than UberX for short trips within central London neighborhoods and Heathrow airport transfers. However, driver supply is lower during periods of peak demand. In addition, if you’re someone who cares for the environment, you will be glad to know that all Bolt rides in Europe are 100% carbon-neutral.

With the Bolt app, you can easily pick your destination, request a ride, meet your driver and get to your destination on time and in a secure way. One of the things that make Bolt a different company is that the company includes an in-app “panic button” for both drivers and passengers. It’s worth noting that this service will immediately contact the Metropolitan Police directly.

Few more details about Bolt app

– Driver profiles with photos, ratings to choose from
– Select Bolt economy car or larger Bolt XL vehicle
– Upfront fare estimates based on entered route
– Track your assigned driver’s progress toward your location
– In-app payment only, no cash accepted
– Schedule rides ahead of time for airport transfers

The Bolt app is available on both iOS and Android.

#3: Addison Lee

Founded in London in 1975, Addison Lee is the city’s largest minicab and executive car service with over 5,000 vehicles. While they don’t offer an app, you can book Addison Lee taxis and transfers online or via their 24/7 call center.

When you are looking for a premium car hiring service, then you need to consider Addison Lee. With a wide range of vehicles to choose from and fully vetted drivers, you can be sure that you’ll have a very pleasant ride with Addison Lee. Overall speaking, you can use this app for trips to the airport, reserve for longer hauls, or even book it for special occasions around London.

With more than 40 years of history, Addison Lee has the largest executive suite in Europe. Between their vetter, insured, and trained drivers to the hygiene and safety, you will be able to choose from a high-end executive vehicle to a premium one.

Addison Lee accepts cash, cards, or account payment. With a fleet of London-based drivers, they provide reliable taxi and executive car service throughout the metro area. You can even request child seats, wheelchair access, or other specialty vehicles.

Few more details about Addison Lee app

– Book rides via website, app, or 24/7 call center
– Fixed pricing – pay registered tariff rates by taxi meter
– Track your driver’s location and contact them en route
– Pay via cash, cards, or integrated business account
– Request specialty vehicles like taxis with child seats

The Addison Lee app is available on both iOS and Android.

London Big Ben and House of Parliament
London Big Ben and House of Parliament

#4: Free Now

Formerly called mytaxi, FREE NOW allows users to digitally hail and pay for licensed taxi rides across London. The app seamlessly connects you to black cabs, mini-cabs, and airport transfer services affiliated with FREE NOW. See real-time car locations, estimated fares, driver details like photo and taxi license number, and more.

FREE NOW partners with many major cab fleets in London to offer access to thousands of registered drivers at your fingertips. While Uber focuses on rideshares, FREE NOW sticks with professional taxi drivers. After all, this is one of the most popular taxi apps in Europe that has around 100,000 registered taxi drivers in more than 100 cities.

When you are looking for the black cab experience, you need to book a taxi using the Free Now app. Formerly known as Hailo, and then Mytaxi, Free Now is making a huge difference. Not only their waiting times are incredibly low as they want all their vehicles to be zero-emission capable by 2025, in the UK including all taxis by 2024.

As soon as you select where you are and your destination, you will be able to choose the vehicle that you want. You may choose a traditional Black Cab that can easily move through traffic in the bus lane or an EV Black Cab.

Some more details about Free Now app

– See and hail one of 10,000+ licensed London cabs nearby
– Get fare estimate based on route before booking
– Follow your taxi’s ETA as they drive to your pickup spot
– Pay via cash or credit/debit in the app
– Book rides days or weeks in advance if needed

The Free Now app is available on both iOS and Android.

#5: Gett

Originally called GetTaxi, Gett offers on-demand taxi-hailing through their app in London, similar to Uber and FREE NOW. You can view nearby drivers, get fare estimates, track your ride’s ETA, and pay directly within the app.

Gett connects you to licensed black cabs, mini-cabs, and eco-friendly hybrid vehicles. While Gett has fewer drivers than Uber, its integration with licensed taxi fleets gives you more options to avoid surge pricing during busy times.

Gett had a project of same day couriers, where the courier deliver your parcel on demand in the same day. You can see in the app the courier in real time.

Few more details about Gett app

– Hail and pay for licensed black cabs and mini-cabs
– See driver profiles and car details before booking
– Live ETA tracking from confirmed pickup to destination
– In-app payment required – no cash accepted
– Higher availability than Uber during peak surge times

The Gett app is available on both iOS and Android.

#6: Wheely

While no so popular as other taxi apps in London on this list, Wheely still delivers a good and secure taxi service when you are in London. After all, it intends to be a more luxurious service.

Focused on high-end rides, Wheely operates an app-based luxury taxi service in London using premium vehicles like BMWs, Mercedes, Teslas, and Jaguar Land Rovers. While pricier than other apps, Wheely emphasizes professional, uniformed drivers and an elite experience.

Wheely is based in London and its main difference is that it doesn’t work with cabs or taxis. Instead, it offers a chauffeur car service. While this may not make a huge difference for some, it may be something that others will look forward to. For example, when you are traveling on business, you want to add a good impression and Wheely can certainly help you do that. After all, you will always be arriving in a new Mercedes-Benz.

The app offers flat fare pricing, favorite driver selection, business profiles, and integrated accounts for expensing work trips. Wheely caters to business people, executives, and those seeking a premium taxi alternative.

Some more details about Wheely app

– Luxury vehicles like Mercedes, Teslas, and BMWs
– Professional drivers in uniform
– Flat fare pricing shown upfront based on route
– Favorite driver selection and business expensing
– Higher minimum fares than Uber or Bolt

The Wheely app is available on both App Store and Google Play.

Prices and user reviews for some taxi apps in London

Here are some details on pricing and user reviews for the major London taxi and rideshare apps:

– Base fare of £2.50 then £1.25/mile in Central London
– Minimum fare of £5 for UberX
– Reviews praise convenience but surge pricing draws complaints

– Base fare of £1.95 then £1.10/mile in Central London
– Minimum fare of £2.80 makes it cheaper than UberX
– Users compliment low prices but limited car supply at busy times

Free Now
– Metered pricing: £2.60 base fare + £2.60/mile during day
– Night and weekend tariffs slightly higher
– Reviews consistently positive for ease of hailing black cabs

Addison Lee
– Fixed per mile + minute metered pricing, average £15-25 for most trips
– Minimum fare of £12 during peak hours
– Reliable service but pricing is higher than app-based rides

– Metered taxi prices around 15% lower than black cab rates
– Average fare of £12-15 for most trips
– Reviews indicate good availability and fair pricing

– Minimum fare of £15 and average trip is £25-35
– Luxury service and vehicles come at a premium cost
– Reviews are very positive but note the high-end pricing

(*Please note that prices provided in this article are not contractual and are subject to change based on the timing of app usage)

Some additional Taxi Apps in London

– Taxiapp – Licensed mini-cab and executive car bookings via app and phone
– Blacklane – High-end chauffeur service with Mercedes, BMW, etc.
– Ola – Book licensed mini-cabs and taxis through the app
– Xoox – On-demand mini-cab app with fare estimates and tracking
– Greentomatocars – Eco-friendly and hybrid taxi and courier service
– Carrot Cars – Fixed zone pricing, average fare £12-18 within central London

Guide to the Taxi Apps in London

#7: Taxiapp

Taxiapp allows users to book licensed London mini-cabs and executive cars through their smartphone app or phone call dispatch service. Taxiapp offers fixed, upfront pricing around 25% cheaper than competitors.

Few more details about Taxiapp

– Book licensed mini-cabs and executive cars via app or phone
– Fixed, upfront pricing around 25% cheaper than alternatives, £1.90 base + £1.50/mile
– No surge pricing, min fare £5.90 and avg trip £9-12 makes it one of cheapest
– Reviews praise low fares and fast pickup times

#8: Blacklane

Blacklane operates a high-end chauffeur service in London using luxury vehicles like Mercedes, BMWs and Audis. Blacklane provides professional licensed-driver airport transfers and hourly rentals at flat rates.

With Blacklane, it couldn’t be any easier to go from one place to another in London as well as if you need to travel between cities. Booking a ride is incredibly simple with the Backlane app as you can also use their airport transfers service.

One of the differences between Backlane and other taxi apps in London is that you can easily hire its different services. You may only need an airport transfer, a long-distance ride, book a taxi by the hour, book a ride to the destination and then return, and even special deliveries.

Some more details about Blacklane app

– High-end chauffeur service with Mercedes, BMW, etc.
– Flat rates, average fare £25-40 within London
– Airport transfers £75-150 with no surge pricing
– Reviews mention professional service and vehicles

The Blacklane is available on both iOS and Android.

#9: Ola

Ola’s app can be used to book licensed mini-cabs and black taxi rides across London. Ola offers dynamic pricing with base fares slightly lower than Uber and FREE NOW taxis.

Few details about Ola app

– Book licensed mini-cabs and taxis through the app
– Slightly lower fares than Uber or FREE NOW
– Dynamic surge pricing applies during peak demand
– Reviews indicate limited car availability at busy times

#10: Xoox

Xoox provides on-demand booking of licensed mini-cabs in London via their app. Xoox shows upfront fare estimates and tracks your ride in real-time. Pricing is comparable to Uber and Bolt.

Some extra details about Xoox app

– On-demand mini-cab bookings via app
– Upfront fare estimates and real-time ride tracking
– Base fare £3 + £1.40/mile, minimum £8
– Reviews cite accessibility and fair prices

#11: Greentomatocars app

Greentomatocars offers fixed pricing in an eco-friendly fleet with good service but fares are higher than the cheapest apps.

Few details about Greentomatocars app

– Fixed pricing based on route, not taxi meter
– Average fare is £25-35 for trips within London zones 1 & 2
– Minimum fare of £15
– Mostly hybrid/electric fleet great for eco-conscious travelers
– Reviews mention consistent pricing and good service

#12: Carrot Cars

Carrot Cars aims to be one of the most affordable options with lower minimum fares and zone pricing, but availability is spottier at busy times.

Some more details about Carrot Cars app

– Fixed zone pricing – £3.90 base + £2.80/mile in Zone 1
– Average fare £12-18 within central London
– Minimum fare of £8 makes it very budget friendly
– Riders praise low fares and prompt pickup times
– Limited availability during peak demand is a downside

(*Please note that prices provided in this article are not contractual and are subject to change based on the timing of app usage)

Tips for Riding with Taxis apps in London

– Have your destination clearly entered in the app to avoid confusion
– Pre-book rides when possible during peak times to ensure car availability
– Know the Underground closes at midnight – cabs are essential for late nights out
– Enable in-app payments ahead of time to skip cash and card hassles
– Consider driver ratings and reviews when selecting your ride

With London’s complex layout and limited all-night transit, taxi and rideshare apps provide an affordable way to maximize sightseeing. Avoid hassling to hail a cab or decipher transit maps. The top-rated apps make touring London by cab a breeze.

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