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Guide to the Top Taxi Apps in Amsterdam

As an incredibly walkable city, Amsterdam offers lots of transportation options. But sometimes calling an Uber or booking a licensed taxi is the simplest way to get from point A to B. This guide outlines the most popular taxi and rideshare apps optimized for travel in Amsterdam.

Which Amsterdam Taxi App Is Best?

With many choices, the right taxi app often comes down to your needs:

– Uber offers widespread availability and affordable rates
– Bolt is cheaper than Uber but has fewer drivers farther from the city center
– FREE NOW easily books official taxis with meter-based pricing
– TCA Taxis provides experienced local cab service by traditional booking

Guide to the Top Taxi Apps in Amsterdam

For most visitors, Uber covers the majority of transportation needs in Amsterdam with convenience and low prices. But Bolt, FREE NOW, and TCA give you added options if you prefer licensed taxis or have specific requirements.

Uber app in Amsterdam

Available in 70+ countries globally, Uber provides an easy way to book affordable rides in Amsterdam through their app. Whether you need a standard UberX car, larger UberXL vehicle, or premium Uber Black ride, prices often beat standard taxi rates in the city.

Within the app, you can get fare estimates, driver details like photo and car model, real-time tracking, and no need to tip. Payments automatically process using your stored method – no cash needed. While controversial when launching in the Netherlands, Uber now operates legally and is widely used, especially among younger generations and tourists.

Few extra details about Uber app

See real-time car locations around you and wait times before booking
Fare estimates provided based on destination entered
Driver details like photo, name, rating shown after requesting ride
Track your car’s approach on a live map
No cash needed – Uber charges your saved payment method automatically
Can book UberX, UberXL, Uber Green, Uber Black based on group size and budget

Bolt app in Amsterdam

Offering ride-hailing services similar to Uber, Bolt is another alternative for booking affordable private rides from point to point in Amsterdam. Bolt may have fewer drivers versus Uber but provides comparable functionality like estimated fares, driver profiles, route mapping, and cashless payments handled in-app.

Reviews indicate Bolt pricing is even cheaper than UberX and wait times are generally fast within Amsterdam’s core. However, Bolt’s supply drops significantly outside the central areas of the city.

Some extra details about Uber app

Driver profiles include photo, name and rating for choice
Select between economy Bolt ride or Bolt+ for extra spacious car
See estimated fare range before booking based on demand
Track your driver’s approach to your pickup location
In-app payment required – no cash accepted
Generally lower cost than Uber but smaller car supply outside of city center

If you need the Amsterdam Airport website, here is the link.

FREE NOW app in Amsterdam

Formerly called mytaxi, FREE NOW connects users to partner taxi fleets in Amsterdam and across the Netherlands. The app shows available licensed taxis close by, fare estimates, driver details like photo and vehicle specs, real-time ETAs, and more.

FREE NOW works seamlessly for finding and booking official metered taxis on demand or scheduling rides in advance throughout Amsterdam. While fleet sizes are smaller than Uber, it’s a trusted way to ride professional taxis without phone calls or waits.

Some additional details about Free Now app

Licensed official taxis available to hail through the app
See locations of nearby cabs live on a map
Fare estimate and driver/vehicle details provided once dispatched
Track assigned taxi’s ETA as they head to your location
Cash or in-app credit card payments accepted
Schedule ride days or weeks in advance if needed

TCA Taxis

TCA Taxis is the largest official taxi company and dispatch service in Amsterdam with over 1,200 vehicles available for street hails or pre-bookings. While they don’t have the convenience of an app, you can order TCA taxis by phone call, online form, or text message. English-speaking dispatchers make the booking process smooth.

TCA provides reliable metered cab service 24/7 all over Amsterdam and to the airports. Vehicles range from standard 4-seat taxis to minivans and wheelchair accessible options. TCA is locally known and trusted if you prefer booking through a dispatcher versus apps.

Additional Amsterdam taxi apps Options

Taxi Centre – Longstanding official taxi service dispatching metered cabs in Amsterdam by phone, app, or online booking. Over 500 vehicles available 24/7 with wheelchair accessible option.

ZCN – ZuidwestTaxiCentrale Nederland operates a taxi dispatch center with over 300 vehicles in Amsterdam. Book by app, website, or phone. Good English support.

STCA – Schiphol Airport Taxi Centre books fixed-rate transfers to/from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Can arrange cabs for groups with child seats if needed. Gets positive reviews for punctuality.

Tips for Riding Taxis in Amsterdam

– Have your destination address handy to provide the driver
– Consider larger vehicles like UberXL or TCA minivans if traveling with lots of luggage
– Know that meter rates start around €3-4 plus per km/minute charges
– Enable in-app payments ahead of time to skip cash and cards
– Install multiple apps to compare pricing – rates vary between companies

With Amsterdam’s efficient public transportation, taxis or rideshares are not essential to navigate the city but provide convenience and simplicity for direct trips. Use this guide to pick the right taxi app based on your priorities.

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